What we do


The style dictates shapes, colors, materials, until it reaches the right balance of style and innovation. Each item is a clear choice. Our knowledge always drives us to create new effects and make the most of the characteristics of every material, whether they are synthetic, such as Polyester and Acrylic, or natural, like Galalith, Fine Wood and Nacre, without neglecting technical materials such as Acetate and Nylon.

Polyester Resin This is one of the most used materials in buttons production. This type of material can be processed with "Turning Machines", these are real work centers that allow us to lathe any shape
Wood Wood was more used in the past, today its use is returning for buttons and accessories. Warm and natural it fully meets current eco-friendly trends in addition to the fact that it allows a lot of creativity.
Galalith or casein This is a natural material produced with diaries. This rough material has a long tradition and history and allows us to produce especially fine products with an unquestionable vintage charme.
Acetate This material is mainly used in the field of glasses, it is adapt to the production of buckles, handles, labels and many other accessories having a strong artisan character, but produced without the cost of the mould, because they have been designed on the computer and cut by laser.
Nylon, A.B.S, Metacrylate These materials need a specific sector, where the most modern injection moulds are used and moulds and high precision masters. This allows us to produce snap-fit buttons or accessories having high resistance.


Keeping up the new technology we can develop many techniques and for each product we choose the most suitable manufacturing in order to get the perfect result, without ever neglecting the most important spirit "artisan attention". New products are made every day for each type of requirement. Whether a button, a puller, a buckle, a loop, an Austrian knot, a sliding knot, or even just a logo that makes unique and elegant an item of clothing.



As we already know, fashion is continuously evolving and every request starts a new challenge, that involves research on materials to be manufactured, special effects to be created, worlds and cultures to be recalled, and so imagination is developed, thanks to the help of knowledge and supported by an unprecedented historical archive all the new products are developed, with fine design, high quality finish and a charming look that has always been characterizing our products.