Miban was founded in 1955, it dealt with products and luxury fittings. The focus on customer satisfaction has been, since the beginning our trump card; a quality that has certainly diversified us from our competitors and that has led us to open, in 1970, the first production plant, transforming us from beeing a group that sold luxury accessories, to being creators of that luxury. Henceforward we have always been able to meet the needs of an expanding market and the increasingly specific demands of customers. The challenges launched in recent years by our customers have let us grow, our flexibility has rewarded us.
The production facility has been renovated overtime and has been equipped with the latest technologies. Today, thanks to 60 years of experience, the brand Miban is a guarantee in its field, synonymous with quality and style! This word is little-known, such as our job. A “little”art that makes a big difference. The Italian style stands out all over the world because of the great focus on quality down to the smallest detail. The real essence of elegance is in details: that is the Made in Italy mark. Specialists are needed, who can meet these standards with skilfuness and flexibility.
Miban is inspired by the great tradition of Made in Italy, in order to work constantly on the creativity of production, the originality and the style, this way it can offer a range of products that is periodically renewed with new proposals for forms and materials. But that's not everything: we are in constant collaboration with the design offices, to develop customized prototypes, according to our customers’ needs.